NL Inklings Community: Our July 2018 Tournament Schedule!

It’s a new month which means new a new tournament! Well…two!

First up, last month was excellent with participation in our Splatoon 2 Tournament. The next one is already planned and sign ups are underway on Discord right now!

Of course, we want to keep going and creating bigger and better events. The structure of two tournaments per month remains. The first will always be Splatoon 2, and two weeks later we will hold a tournament for a different game.

In this case, we have the returning Splatoon 2 tournament…and a tournament for a title by popular demand!


Splatoon 2 – NL Inklings: Splashdown! (July 7 2018)!

This is a standard NL Inklings Tournament for Splatoon 2!

The NL Inklings July 2018 Splashdown!

Like the name? I just made it up on the spot!

This will be a standard tournament with teams of 4, assigned based on their ranks in the name of fairness, duking it out across all 5 modes. Bring your best weapons and gear for all 5 modes and make a big Splashdown!

This tournament takes place on July 7th at 5pm BST sharp!

Sign ups will be live until Wednesday July 4th!


ARMS – NL Inklings: Spring Into The Ring! (July 21 2018)


It's an ARMS tournament by popular demand!

ARMS: Spring Into The Ring Tournament!

That’s right! By sheer popular demand, it’s ARMS for Nintendo Switch! This small but lovable fighting game get’s its chance to shine in the NL Inklings sphere this month!

Full details will be worked out over the coming fortnight, but rest assured all control styles will be allowed.

This tournament takes place on July 21st at 5pm sharp!

Sign Ups will go live on Saturday July 7th and end on Wednesday July 18th!


That’s all for now. See you on the battlefield or in the ring! NL Inklings out, Happy Gaming!