Behind The Game Update: 8/1/2018

It’s time for our monthly update, a little later than usual, as some things have only just come to light.


So first off, yes, Metroid Prime (Both review and BTG article) have yet to surface. Long story short I have hardly had the time with some other commitments going on, and more on that later.

Those will happen sometime in the next few weeks. I do have a few smaller games up on my desk to review of course in the meantime, such as Sonic Advance, FAST RMX and Crash Bandicoot. Look forward to those!

Further, we are toying with the idea of videos to go alongside the articles. As someone who already makes videos for YouTube, this wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibility, though it is dependant on time.


Okay so on that note, time. Over the holiday period I haven’t really given myself time off, from any one of my ventures, be it YouTube, this site, or game development. That’s not going to change except for the next few days immediately from the posting of this article.

As of Monday 8th January, I will be undergoing surgery, nothing major thankfully, on my foot. This is going to temporarily wipe my mobility and prevent me from getting around the house, let alone out to do things. So articles may slow this week. I will be having a potential second round of surgery in the year as well, so the same will apply then.

Of course there is the 4-10 week recovery time which will be hit and miss at the start. It’s a very “as it happens” kind of thing I am afraid.

Twitter is where you want to be for any on the fly updates about the site of anything else going on:

Oh, and of course I have a job interview the day after surgery. That won’t sap any time from the site should I get employment, rather supplement it with actual income for once!


So with all that said stay tuned to social media, and Happy Gaming! I’ll see you on the other side of the knife!